Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas day and I am watching the Christmas story. My favorite movie to watch on Christmas. I like lot of other movies for Christmas but this has been a tradition for me personally. Love the line: “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

What to talk about

I don’t have anything interesting in my head right now. It’s Christmas eve right now. Writing in my blog about nothing. I’ll probably watch a movie, drink some egg nog and get some rest. Tomorrow will be an exciting day with everyone over. I hope everyone will have a merry Christmas!

Christmas Time

It’s christmas time again when family gets together and have some fun. Christmas is two days away and it’s getting excited. I don’t look forward to the presents. I look forward to getting together and watching the kids get there presents. I wonder when did it change for me? As a child christmas was only about presents for ME! Now I think about how much fun the kids will have with their new toys. Somewhere between being a child and becoming an adult things changed for me.