Synergy is my best friend

Synergy is a software that I recently found which allows me to use two computers with one keyboard and mouse. A sort of KM switch without the wires. It works over your home network passing the mouse and keyboard info to the other computer via network. When I move the mouse off one screen it switches to the other computer. Exactly the way it works with two monitors on one computer if using windows XP. In theory one can have more than 2 computers. In the management area it has 4 possible positions for the monitors. I was all ready to buy myself a KM switch but this works even better than the ones I was looking at. I can easily copy and paste text between two computers. NOW that’s impressive!

Internet News Not Really News

This is a great example of a news story that looks real but it’s not. I fell for it until I did some research. Here is the link that started it all: Fake Midgets Vs Lion Link

The page looks authentic. The story seems so extreme that my first reaction this has to be a joke. Then it looked so real that I figured it must be true. With all the happenings going on around the world I thought this could be true. Some will believe completely a story from a person and not even question it. For me I’ve always been skeptical about things. Especially now I can look up almost anything on the Internet to find out if it’s a myth or real. I was checking out the urban legends page and found the story about the lion story I saw before. Lion in Wait False Story

With the disclaimer recently put on the page it’s obvious a fake. By looking at the URL you can come to the conclusion that this might not be true. Doing a search on the BBC news site might have been a way to find out if this story was true also. So remember this next time you see a story that seems hard to believe on the Internet. Phis-hing web sites should be a reason to ALWAYS check that the site you’re at is the REAL one! Now I saw the story link on a forum so I didn’t visit it by accident or from a reliable source. Still I wonder how did it get spread in the first place.

Yahoo Messenger Beta

I like trying new things out so when I heard about a new yahoo messenger I had to try it. Now there are many things I hate about it and some interesting things. They are trying to get into the phone calling area. Now I haven’t tried there net2phone or the Call Computer stuff just yet. I’ll try the call computer when I can find someone who installed the beta version also. That is the biggest problem I found. All the added features are not compatible to the older versions. I can’t use the voice capability anymore.

There is a cool feature that one can drag and drop pictures in the message window and it will transfer it to the other person. Now that is cool but I of course can’t try it unless the other person has that capability. Now I am all for more features but please give the capability to work with the older versions. I have to go back to the older version so I can use voice chat. ugh. I’ll try it later when more people update or when they have every feature in the current version working in their beta version.

Time as a big issue

Doing business at home and being your own boss is fantastic! But I sometimes have problems with time! I have been trying to get more organized with all my work but It’s been a big problem at times. The night before I promised myself I’d finish my project tomorrow. When the next day comes around I sit in front of my computer and do something else. It’s not like I forget about the project. It’s the fact I’d rather do something else. Couple of years ago I didn’t have this problem. At this point I need to find out why I am like this NOW and how to rectify this. I have so many reasons to get my act together but am not using my time effectively. I know I’ll be able to figure this out. It’s just been on my mind a lot now. I love what I am doing and know this is what I want to do in the future. So why can’t I get my act together? I’ll try to finish one of my projects today.

What to write in a blog.

My biggest problem is thinking of things to write about. I have a lot of interests but are they of interest to others? Maybe I shouldn’t even think about it and just write. Sometimes I have too much to say about something passionately I believe in and other times I can’t think of one sentence. I know I would never be a good novel writer.

I’ve been following reality tv mostly and I guess the big thing that has happened actually yesterday is the MPAA closing down some tv torrent places. Now I understand why they need to do this but I have no other way of getting shows from other countries. Shows that come to the U.S from other places usually will be redone instead of showing the show as it was intended to be. I am a big fan of big brother but the version over here is such a different beast. I like it but in a different way. The Australian version seems so much passionate and interactive with the audience. The UK version is similar but doesn’t have that soul that the Australian one does.

So now I can’t get some of the shows from the torrent sites anymore. I know of other ways to get them but that’s not the point. I have no legal way of getting shows that I like. I know they are thinking of having pay per download of shows and I’m all for that but it’s not comming fast enough! I would be happy to pay for downloading a tv show that I missed or can’t get in the states.Maybe a $1 for each episode or something. I don’t want to wait for the dvd to come out. Don’t need the extras just to see the show that I missed. I don’t have tivo and rarely watch TV. I like watching stuff on my time and not the networks time. Oh well I’ll just have to see what happens.