My new domain name

I’ve been thinking of writing a lot more recently but I didn’t think this was the best place to continue with writing. I bought another domain name: This will be the place I put everything I do on the internet. I have different blogs for different areas I am interested in.

The main page of will just be pointers to articles from other blogs. Mainly for search engines to find and send traffic to my other blogs. This personal blog will be moved to when I am completely satisfied everything is working. I copied lot of my articles over there already. I also copied lot of my older articles I wrote on another website which has been dead for years. Now I have a blog for games: LOTRO, Runescape and Second Life. There’s a blog for every other game I might play or want to talk about also which will have articles from some of my other game blogs.

I also broke things up into a reality TV, all TV, movies and books blog. I might add more if I feel I have more to write about. I’ve been thinking of a food blog writing about recipes I try or just restaurants I go to. I’ll probably open a programming blog too once I get things settled. I am almost finished with it all.

Welcome to 2010!

It’s 2010 and things have changed. I haven’t updated this blog in so long. I’ve been checking on all my domain names and social networks this week. I am planning on updating some and adding more features to others. I am liking that I can update wordpress automaticaly now. I hated updating it before because I would need to save all the plugins and themes I custom made and added it to the new update. Sometimes things would break. Just the time to backup everything and moving files all over the place made it hard to the point I hated updating.

Last year I lost some stuff I loved. I lost my favorite radio station, KLSX. I lost some podcasts I liked listening to also. My credit card decided to raise their rates which really is hurting me now. I need to ask for them to drop the rates. Sigh! The local popeyes I used to go to all the time has been closed. Arghhhh!! My non work computer decided to cause me problems so I had to reinstall windows due to a hard drive failure. I didn’t lose too much, though. Been worried about family health problems but things have seemed to be going well now. Had to go to jury duty twice. One federal and the other local.

Not everything is bad. Puente Hills mall has an Imax theater but not really a huge screen which is a disapointment. I have been experimenting with youtube videos with some accounts I have. I am getting good feedback, views and subscriptions. Some of those videos had enough views that I was offered a partnership but those videos weren’t family oriented so I was denied. I am going to try to do some videos on my personal account and see if I can get a partnership. Not sure what I want to do with it. I am not an actor, singer or comedian. I’ve been thinking of doing reviews for products or websites. Maybe making videos with second life or LOTRO can be interesting.

I don’t listen to radio anymore unless I am driving. I usually put on a music station. The only two talk radio stations I can listen to are, KFI and KABC. Recently Tim Conway Jr. moved back to Los Angeles and has his own show on KFI. If you haven’t listened to him before you really should! Frosty, Heidi and frank have thier own show on KABC in the mornings. They are hilarious!! I listen to their podcast as much as I can. I only listen to podcasts now. Here are the podcasts I love and recommend: PGP, Keri Kasem and FHF. There are some other podcasts which are good on Hottalkla but I don’t have the time to listen to them all.

This year I am going to push myself as hard as possible with my business. I really need to make more money from it or start looking for something else to do. I also want to make sure I am there for my family and friends. That is so important now more then ever to me. I don’t want to make any more mistakes or lose contact with friends again. I haven’t been playing online games as much as I used to. I love the freedom of doing what I want and being available for family and friends now. No more scheduling around raids or drama in an online world anymore.

Time as a big issue

Doing business at home and being your own boss is fantastic! But I sometimes have problems with time! I have been trying to get more organized with all my work but It’s been a big problem at times. The night before I promised myself I’d finish my project tomorrow. When the next day comes around I sit in front of my computer and do something else. It’s not like I forget about the project. It’s the fact I’d rather do something else. Couple of years ago I didn’t have this problem. At this point I need to find out why I am like this NOW and how to rectify this. I have so many reasons to get my act together but am not using my time effectively. I know I’ll be able to figure this out. It’s just been on my mind a lot now. I love what I am doing and know this is what I want to do in the future. So why can’t I get my act together? I’ll try to finish one of my projects today.