Future Search Engine?

h1 Monday, October 23rd, 2006

I found a new search engine that uses an interesting idea. When you first go to the website, msdewey.com, you are greeted by a woman avatar. When you search for terms she will say different things according to what you search for. Janina Gavankar is the model who plays the avatar and really makes this project unique and sexy! The search results come from microsoft live and it seems like it’s a test from microsoft to have some fun. This site isn’t very useful but it shows what can be done in the future. I still search with google. If you want to see some of the funnier stuff that this avatar will do then type in the following for your search terms

[Updated 10/26/06]:

halo 2
Janina Gavankar
how to fight a ninja
what is your name
how to do the robot
george bush
How old are you
dick cheney
what are you