Yahoo user chat rooms closed…

h1 June 23rd, 2005

Couple of times I’ll go into the yahoo chats and see what is up. Recently the user created chat rooms have been down. This action was probably because of a report on a TV station about chat rooms geared to pedophilia. I feel it is good for them to pay more attention in this area. They let things go for way too long. I remember noticing those chat rooms many years ago when my nieces were looking to chat on the internet. I’m glad the sponsors finally pulled the plug but they should have checked where their ads were in the first place.

The only sad thing about this is other non sexual chat rooms were shut down also. It’s been over a week now and haven’t seen any changed yet. Hope they will bring the chat rooms back. Was a good place to chat with others instead of going through IRC. IRC has been around for years, ever since the internet was born. It’s a good chat interface but not a lot of every day folks find it. When the MSN chat rooms closed a couple of years ago, everyone went to the yahoo rooms. They are perfect because it’s on the Yahoo messenger. Easy to access. That was the problem because it allowed children easy access and the predators came as well. Yahoo should just have a couple people checking rooms all the time. People who create bad rooms can get banned. It’s easy. I use to help out on a family oriented board and had to be always aware of who is who. I’m sure Yahoo can hire some people to check the room names at least.

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  1. I agree, I hope the Yahoo user created rooms will come back sometime soon. Monitoring them shouldn’t be too difficult for Yahoo. Too bad Yahoo couldn’t use a chat feature that MSN had/has. Allowing user room creators to boot people who behave inappropriately within the rooms. I would think that, along with monitoring, would help keep the rooms decent. Just a thought though.

  2. I was upset they closed the yahoo chat rooms.
    Yeah I know that predators were/are lurking around on them.They’re lurking around off the internet too. Does anyone watcvh the news??
    Yes, I’ll agree ,monitor the chat rooms… Don’t let them create rooms like that.
    Also on another note where are the parents of these kids when they are going into these chat rooms??????? I have 10 nieces and nephews. I monitor their internet travels when they use my computer.
    You can’t put all the blame on the internet surver..They are just providing a tool.. and yes some people abuse it, just like everything else on this planet.
    I hope they bring back the user chats soon.

    Again, you can’t blame Yahoo for deadbeat parents that don’t watch what their kids are doing.

  3. People have begun to hangin in certain regular yahoo rooms by interest. For example FETISHES:39 is occupied by feet people. The link above has this posted website that lists what rooms are what hangout rooms. Be warned they are a little racy

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