Fm Talk Radio changes in Los Angeles

Only thing I like about radio are the talk shows. Been a big fan of FM talk radio 97.1 and especially of Frosty, Heidi and Frank. Haven’t been listening to them on a regular schedule these past weeks but I download their podcasts every day. Was driving today when I found out the radio station changed to a music format. We don’t need another music station in Los Angeles.

Got home and started to search for news about this change and found some good posts about it: ben tao’s thoughts and mikenopolis with some good links. Such a sad day to find it out when I was driving hoping to have a good day laughing. Oh well.

Now I have to find another station to listen to or wait for the personalities I liked to find another place to talk. The only other station I liked was KFI but I find some stuff a bit too political. KABC is way too political for my taste too. I want a fun relaxing talk show to make me laugh. I remember when Phil Hendrie retired and now he’s back on radio stations again. So I’m hoping for the best but it really got me sad to find out about this. I’m glad I saved a lot of the podcasts so I can continue listen to their shows until they find a new home. Best wishes to them and all the fans.

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  1. Thanks for kind words. It really is sad they changed formats. I guess talk radio does not make as much money as the execs would hope they would. But hey, at least we have podcasts, right? Better than nothing.

  2. I do agree with your thoughts on KFI. I used to listen to them all the time, loved Hendrie and Handel on the Law, After listening to KLSX for so many years, KFI is a little “old” for me….I’m hoping FHF will come back on the air in LA soon or at least podcast.

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