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Color Mixer

h1 Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

If you ever found yourself trying to make a web page with matching colors then I found something for you. It’s called colorMatch Remix! Sometimes when I am building a web page or doing graphic work I find myself using weird colors together. I don’t have a good eye on what colors go with other colors. I constantly find myself going a bit too crazy with the colors. When I found this site I bookmarked it quickly and figured I should post it here for anyone else who needs this help. You just pick a favorite color and it will give you back 6 other colors that will match the original color. Really nice and I’ll be using it from now on!

Magic Link

h1 Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

I’ve always been interested in magic since I was a child. I even tried to do some magic tricks I found in some magazines I had but I wasn’t very good and I was too nervous in front of people. I still loved watching magic tricks and try to figure out how to do them. Recently been fascinated by the process of doing card tricks and other fun stuff. I found this magic trick link that has some great magic tricks for anyone to try. I found some videos of really great trick with a coin, disappearing magician, Flying woman and a cool card trick

A Science blog

h1 Friday, June 17th, 2005

I love everything about science! I used to watch the wizards world and the science guy on tv. I followed some of the experiements and had a fun time doing them. Here’s a webpage about science and experiments one can do themselves. This guy also has his own blog where he talks about some interesting stuff too. I always think trying something out really teaches more than just reading about it. Good place for students who are having problems with science. Found some fascinating stuff on this site and will try some when I have some time. I’ve really gotten to the point where there isn’t a subject that someone hasn’t blogged about.

Disposable emails?

h1 Friday, June 10th, 2005

Lot of places on the internet want you to sign up with an email address. There are far too many places that use the email address as a way to spam! You’ll find all the details in their TOS so that’s how they get away with it. I do understand why an email adress is important because it gives the perception that there is an actual human being signing up. But I actually got fed up getting so much spam so I started to look for other ways of dealing with this problem. There are places on the internet called disposable emails.

One such place is called I used them a while ago signing up to a newspaper from another state. I just recently found and find them very useful. You can have email addresses that you can just forget about it after using it once or you can keep it as your email for spam. It’s a great idea and wanted to share it with everyone. Another site is and which actually has a browser install also.

Of course you can always use the regular free email services on the internet like,, and But the disposable email are a lot easier to use for signing up to something you just want to use for a day or so.

Internet News Not Really News

h1 Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

This is a great example of a news story that looks real but it’s not. I fell for it until I did some research. Here is the link that started it all: Fake Midgets Vs Lion Link

The page looks authentic. The story seems so extreme that my first reaction this has to be a joke. Then it looked so real that I figured it must be true. With all the happenings going on around the world I thought this could be true. Some will believe completely a story from a person and not even question it. For me I’ve always been skeptical about things. Especially now I can look up almost anything on the Internet to find out if it’s a myth or real. I was checking out the urban legends page and found the story about the lion story I saw before. Lion in Wait False Story

With the disclaimer recently put on the page it’s obvious a fake. By looking at the URL you can come to the conclusion that this might not be true. Doing a search on the BBC news site might have been a way to find out if this story was true also. So remember this next time you see a story that seems hard to believe on the Internet. Phis-hing web sites should be a reason to ALWAYS check that the site you’re at is the REAL one! Now I saw the story link on a forum so I didn’t visit it by accident or from a reliable source. Still I wonder how did it get spread in the first place.