Internet News Not Really News

h1 Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

This is a great example of a news story that looks real but it’s not. I fell for it until I did some research. Here is the link that started it all: Fake Midgets Vs Lion Link

The page looks authentic. The story seems so extreme that my first reaction this has to be a joke. Then it looked so real that I figured it must be true. With all the happenings going on around the world I thought this could be true. Some will believe completely a story from a person and not even question it. For me I’ve always been skeptical about things. Especially now I can look up almost anything on the Internet to find out if it’s a myth or real. I was checking out the urban legends page and found the story about the lion story I saw before. Lion in Wait False Story

With the disclaimer recently put on the page it’s obvious a fake. By looking at the URL you can come to the conclusion that this might not be true. Doing a search on the BBC news site might have been a way to find out if this story was true also. So remember this next time you see a story that seems hard to believe on the Internet. Phis-hing web sites should be a reason to ALWAYS check that the site you’re at is the REAL one! Now I saw the story link on a forum so I didn’t visit it by accident or from a reliable source. Still I wonder how did it get spread in the first place.