Disposable emails?

h1 Friday, June 10th, 2005

Lot of places on the internet want you to sign up with an email address. There are far too many places that use the email address as a way to spam! You’ll find all the details in their TOS so that’s how they get away with it. I do understand why an email adress is important because it gives the perception that there is an actual human being signing up. But I actually got fed up getting so much spam so I started to look for other ways of dealing with this problem. There are places on the internet called disposable emails.

One such place is called Spambob.com. I used them a while ago signing up to a newspaper from another state. I just recently found Spamgourmet.com and find them very useful. You can have email addresses that you can just forget about it after using it once or you can keep it as your email for spam. It’s a great idea and wanted to share it with everyone. Another site is KasMail.com and Spamex.com which actually has a browser install also.

Of course you can always use the regular free email services on the internet like yahoo.com, gmail.google.com, and hotmail.com. But the disposable email are a lot easier to use for signing up to something you just want to use for a day or so.