What to write in a blog.

h1 May 13th, 2005

My biggest problem is thinking of things to write about. I have a lot of interests but are they of interest to others? Maybe I shouldn’t even think about it and just write. Sometimes I have too much to say about something passionately I believe in and other times I can’t think of one sentence. I know I would never be a good novel writer.

I’ve been following reality tv mostly and I guess the big thing that has happened actually yesterday is the MPAA closing down some tv torrent places. Now I understand why they need to do this but I have no other way of getting shows from other countries. Shows that come to the U.S from other places usually will be redone instead of showing the show as it was intended to be. I am a big fan of big brother but the version over here is such a different beast. I like it but in a different way. The Australian version seems so much passionate and interactive with the audience. The UK version is similar but doesn’t have that soul that the Australian one does.

So now I can’t get some of the shows from the torrent sites anymore. I know of other ways to get them but that’s not the point. I have no legal way of getting shows that I like. I know they are thinking of having pay per download of shows and I’m all for that but it’s not comming fast enough! I would be happy to pay for downloading a tv show that I missed or can’t get in the states.Maybe a $1 for each episode or something. I don’t want to wait for the dvd to come out. Don’t need the extras just to see the show that I missed. I don’t have tivo and rarely watch TV. I like watching stuff on my time and not the networks time. Oh well I’ll just have to see what happens.

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