Too many deaths all at once

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Wow I’m sitting here going through the deaths of some popular people and feel sad about it. Kind of wakes me up that life is something very important. I’m glad for the friends I have and the ones I got back in contact with. Plenty of changes in my life this year and things are looking up. Getting in contact with some friends from high school and grade school was important to make me feel better about life. I’ve always been a person who put friends and family over anything. I would do anything for my friends.

Watching some of Billy Mays infomercials really brought back some great memories. His new show was actually interesting and good. Reading a letter from his best friend Anthony Sullivan really put friendships in perspective for me. Sorry to see him go. Michael Jackson’s death was a great surprise too and will be missed. Hope the scandals won’t make things worse for his children and family. Was a great artist and changed our lives for the better.

I’m still listening to all the podcasts which have started up from the demise of 97.1 radio station. Lot of changes there and plenty of drama. I still listen to Frosty, Heidi and Frank’s podcast. I’ve also started to listen to the Pretty Good Podcast which is actually pretty good. Might check out more if I can find some good ones. I want to have fun and laugh while I work. Thanks to all the fun podcasts out there! Check out Fake Leykis Podcast too. One of the funniest impressionist I’ve heard and I love his Rick Dees impression. Best of luck to you, Brian Whitman.