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Too many things to update

h1 Friday, June 10th, 2011

Just needed to update this page with something. I’ve been doing nothing here for far too long. I am hoping to add some new posts. Got lot to talk about. Some changes in my life that I might talk about. Recently bought another domain name which I might move this blog over to. I wrote a lot a few years ago on other websites so I figured I should put everything I write on one site. I just started building it today so it’s not ready. Just wanted to say hey and hi and all that. Later!

Welcome to 2010!

h1 Saturday, April 17th, 2010

It’s 2010 and things have changed. I haven’t updated this blog in so long. I’ve been checking on all my domain names and social networks this week. I am planning on updating some and adding more features to others. I am liking that I can update wordpress automaticaly now. I hated updating it before because I would need to save all the plugins and themes I custom made and added it to the new update. Sometimes things would break. Just the time to backup everything and moving files all over the place made it hard to the point I hated updating.

Last year I lost some stuff I loved. I lost my favorite radio station, KLSX. I lost some podcasts I liked listening to also. My credit card decided to raise their rates which really is hurting me now. I need to ask for them to drop the rates. Sigh! The local popeyes I used to go to all the time has been closed. Arghhhh!! My non work computer decided to cause me problems so I had to reinstall windows due to a hard drive failure. I didn’t lose too much, though. Been worried about family health problems but things have seemed to be going well now. Had to go to jury duty twice. One federal and the other local.

Not everything is bad. Puente Hills mall has an Imax theater but not really a huge screen which is a disapointment. I have been experimenting with youtube videos with some accounts I have. I am getting good feedback, views and subscriptions. Some of those videos had enough views that I was offered a partnership but those videos weren’t family oriented so I was denied. I am going to try to do some videos on my personal account and see if I can get a partnership. Not sure what I want to do with it. I am not an actor, singer or comedian. I’ve been thinking of doing reviews for products or websites. Maybe making videos with second life or LOTRO can be interesting.

I don’t listen to radio anymore unless I am driving. I usually put on a music station. The only two talk radio stations I can listen to are, KFI and KABC. Recently Tim Conway Jr. moved back to Los Angeles and has his own show on KFI. If you haven’t listened to him before you really should! Frosty, Heidi and frank have thier own show on KABC in the mornings. They are hilarious!! I listen to their podcast as much as I can. I only listen to podcasts now. Here are the podcasts I love and recommend: PGP, Keri Kasem and FHF. There are some other podcasts which are good on Hottalkla but I don’t have the time to listen to them all.

This year I am going to push myself as hard as possible with my business. I really need to make more money from it or start looking for something else to do. I also want to make sure I am there for my family and friends. That is so important now more then ever to me. I don’t want to make any more mistakes or lose contact with friends again. I haven’t been playing online games as much as I used to. I love the freedom of doing what I want and being available for family and friends now. No more scheduling around raids or drama in an online world anymore.

Too many deaths all at once

h1 Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Wow I’m sitting here going through the deaths of some popular people and feel sad about it. Kind of wakes me up that life is something very important. I’m glad for the friends I have and the ones I got back in contact with. Plenty of changes in my life this year and things are looking up. Getting in contact with some friends from high school and grade school was important to make me feel better about life. I’ve always been a person who put friends and family over anything. I would do anything for my friends.

Watching some of Billy Mays infomercials really brought back some great memories. His new show was actually interesting and good. Reading a letter from his best friend Anthony Sullivan really put friendships in perspective for me. Sorry to see him go. Michael Jackson’s death was a great surprise too and will be missed. Hope the scandals won’t make things worse for his children and family. Was a great artist and changed our lives for the better.

I’m still listening to all the podcasts which have started up from the demise of 97.1 radio station. Lot of changes there and plenty of drama. I still listen to Frosty, Heidi and Frank’s podcast. I’ve also started to listen to the Pretty Good Podcast which is actually pretty good. Might check out more if I can find some good ones. I want to have fun and laugh while I work. Thanks to all the fun podcasts out there! Check out Fake Leykis Podcast too. One of the funniest impressionist I’ve heard and I love his Rick Dees impression. Best of luck to you, Brian Whitman.

Knott’s Scary Farm Fun

h1 Thursday, October 26th, 2006

This is the best time of the year for me. October has always been a month I wait for. I have always loved scary movies ever since I was around 10. I remember watching the movies on Select TV late at night. Covering my eyes when it got too scary or to explicit. My grandmother and mom used to love watching the movies too so it was totally natural to watch them.

One thing I do in October is go to a local theme park called, Knott’s Berry Farm. During the Halloween season they change their name to Knott’s Scary Farm and decorate the park and rides with cobwebs and spooky stuff. At night they will close the park to regular guests and prepare the park for Halloween. About 7pm to 1am the park is opened to the guests who want to get scared. They have people dressed up in costumes trying to scare people in the park all night. Their are also plenty of spooky mazes in the park where you can walk through looking at gory scenes or monsters walking around with you.

This year was a lot more crowded then previous years. I usually go on Sundays because it’s not as crowded but this time they had a premiere event for the movie “Grudge 2.” They also had a Grudge 2 maze that was closed almost all night so we couldn’t go through it. I hear it’s a good maze. Maybe next year they will have it again so I can see it. We only missed two mazes this time. I rarely get scared when going to this event because I always prepare for someone around the corner. I love watching other people getting scared though.

I hear the best time to go is during the weekdays instead of the weekend. The crowds are less because most of the teens have to go to school the next day. Don’t go on a Columbus weekend because there are schools that have Monday off still. I also must tell you to go the prescare dinner before the park opens because you get a buffet of the best fried chicken and get into the park 30 minutes before everyone else! Sometimes they won’t let you in on time or they let everyone in at the same time but usually the prescare dinner is a lot better!

If you’re interested in this halloween event or others like it you should check out Theme Park Adventure! I also wrote about some things they have in Second life at the VTOR blog I write for also.

Google Desktop

h1 Monday, August 29th, 2005

There have been a couple of times I needed to find stuff on my computer fast! The windows searching capabilities are terrible. Bad Microsoft! I tried Google Desktop a little while ago and I liked it but rarely ever used it. I keep forgetting I have it installed. So When I heard about the new Google Desktop I needed to try it. It now has a docking capability that has plugins that can add other benefits. I have a 19in monitor so I can give up desktop space. I actually have two monitors with two computers on my desk so I can easily give up space on one of my monitors.

I’ve been happy with Yahoo’s Konfabulator with it’s widgets. Some widgets from there are very useful like website monitor and a timer. One thing it doesn’t have is a way to dock them to the side of the desktop. I don’t like having to resize my windows so I can see the widgets. I don’t want to see a widget over something I am trying to read. Now if google desktop had more plugins like the widgets from yahoo it would be perfect for me. So at this time I can see some benefits to Google desktop but it’s not exactly what I need at this time. I will keep using Konfabulator and google desktop as just a searching capability for now.