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Knott’s Scary Farm Fun

h1 Thursday, October 26th, 2006

This is the best time of the year for me. October has always been a month I wait for. I have always loved scary movies ever since I was around 10. I remember watching the movies on Select TV late at night. Covering my eyes when it got too scary or to explicit. My grandmother and mom used to love watching the movies too so it was totally natural to watch them.

One thing I do in October is go to a local theme park called, Knott’s Berry Farm. During the Halloween season they change their name to Knott’s Scary Farm and decorate the park and rides with cobwebs and spooky stuff. At night they will close the park to regular guests and prepare the park for Halloween. About 7pm to 1am the park is opened to the guests who want to get scared. They have people dressed up in costumes trying to scare people in the park all night. Their are also plenty of spooky mazes in the park where you can walk through looking at gory scenes or monsters walking around with you.

This year was a lot more crowded then previous years. I usually go on Sundays because it’s not as crowded but this time they had a premiere event for the movie “Grudge 2.” They also had a Grudge 2 maze that was closed almost all night so we couldn’t go through it. I hear it’s a good maze. Maybe next year they will have it again so I can see it. We only missed two mazes this time. I rarely get scared when going to this event because I always prepare for someone around the corner. I love watching other people getting scared though.

I hear the best time to go is during the weekdays instead of the weekend. The crowds are less because most of the teens have to go to school the next day. Don’t go on a Columbus weekend because there are schools that have Monday off still. I also must tell you to go the prescare dinner before the park opens because you get a buffet of the best fried chicken and get into the park 30 minutes before everyone else! Sometimes they won’t let you in on time or they let everyone in at the same time but usually the prescare dinner is a lot better!

If you’re interested in this halloween event or others like it you should check out Theme Park Adventure! I also wrote about some things they have in Second life at the VTOR blog I write for also.

New Year

h1 Monday, January 17th, 2005

It’s the new year and what a year it is. With all the stuff happening in the world it’s going to be interesting. Some things are new in our research of outer space so I’m really excited. Some of my favorite shows will be comming up soon. Survivor and apprentice! Big Brother will be comming up in a couple of months. I try to watch them from the UK and Australia also. The other big brothers are hard to find and I wouldn’t be able to understand what is happening. This stuff always gets me excited!

Happy New Year

h1 Monday, January 3rd, 2005

It’s 2005 finally. Another Year and more work. Christmas day was fun. New years was a non event but that’s ok. Played some new games I got. Roller coaster 3 is a lot of fun but it does take a little to get used to. Can be hard if you don’t update right away! Now I got the basic process to win some of the scenarios and it’s getting easier. I got Sims 2 also and It’s interesting but haven’t played it fully yet. Looks promising but lot of time to figure things out which I don’t have. I took a week break from work so now this week I’m prepared to work non stop.

I have a new niece and was born last week. That’s going to be fun getting to know another person in the family. Lot of things changed for good and bad last year so I hope this year will continue with the good. My best wishes for everyone in the world including the Tsunami victims. I still can hardly believe how devasting it was. Shows how much power water can give. Never underestimate the power of water!

Christmas Time

h1 Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

It’s christmas time again when family gets together and have some fun. Christmas is two days away and it’s getting excited. I don’t look forward to the presents. I look forward to getting together and watching the kids get there presents. I wonder when did it change for me? As a child christmas was only about presents for ME! Now I think about how much fun the kids will have with their new toys. Somewhere between being a child and becoming an adult things changed for me.