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Who is Jade Goody

h1 Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I’ve been a Big Brother fan ever since the first season in the UK and the USA. Recently a former contestant from the UK version season 3 has died. She died of cervical cancer at the age of 27 on March 22, 2009. Jade Goody was the most controversial and the most popular of the regular contestants. She became a millionaire from magazine articles, other reality shows, her own perfume and other business ventures. The reason I am bothering posting about her is how she died and the reaction from people in the UK and other places.

Back in 2002 she entered the Big Brother house and made a name for herself. She was made fun of due to her stupid comments and weight in the tabloids. I thought she wasn’t very intelligent but she had a funny personality. I found her and Kate to be my favorites for different reasons. She did have a temper but it didn’t get much attention until after the show. I next saw her on another reality show called Back to Reality where her bully side really came out. She bullied people in that show and I really started to hate her. The next time I saw her I really hated her. She entered the celebrity version of Big Brother in 2007 where she bullied an actress from India named, Shilpa Shetty. The backlash from the UK and Indian public was strong and harsh.

After the show she tried to make amends and apologized for her actions. Shilpa forgave her and they actually became friends. I always found Jade an interesting person for being so strong with all the hatred against her. She became successful with all the publicity. I still disliked her but interested to see what she would do next. I was surprised when I found out she entered the Big Brother in India. Shilpa Shetty was the host of the show and their reunion was interesting. It shows how two people can forgive and leave the hatred behind them. During the show she was told she had cervical cancer and later found out it was terminal. She went through operations and treatment but the cancer spread too fast and she had months to live.

The most important thing she did was getting women to be aware of this cancer at younger ages so they could go for a screening. She stayed in the public view to make people aware of this cancer. She also wanted money for her 2 children after her death. All the publicity got the government health ministers to rethink the practice of not offering screening for young women until age of 25. This also got lot of women to go in for a screening which they might have not done before. If this publicity saved 1 woman it’s a great thing.

A dalek stolen!

h1 Saturday, June 11th, 2005
A dalek stolen!

Like I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Dr. Who. While I was wandering the news sites, I found this article about a stolen dalek! Find it really funny the quote:

A spokesman said: “There may be a black market out there for Daleks – but it’s still a strange thing to steal.”

Now someone has sent back the plunger with a ransom note. They want to talk to the Doctor. Here’s the article about the ransom note. The other funny thing is that a previous actor who played the doctor has been in contact and might be sending a note back to the dalek kidnappers.

What to write in a blog.

h1 Friday, May 13th, 2005

My biggest problem is thinking of things to write about. I have a lot of interests but are they of interest to others? Maybe I shouldn’t even think about it and just write. Sometimes I have too much to say about something passionately I believe in and other times I can’t think of one sentence. I know I would never be a good novel writer.

I’ve been following reality tv mostly and I guess the big thing that has happened actually yesterday is the MPAA closing down some tv torrent places. Now I understand why they need to do this but I have no other way of getting shows from other countries. Shows that come to the U.S from other places usually will be redone instead of showing the show as it was intended to be. I am a big fan of big brother but the version over here is such a different beast. I like it but in a different way. The Australian version seems so much passionate and interactive with the audience. The UK version is similar but doesn’t have that soul that the Australian one does.

So now I can’t get some of the shows from the torrent sites anymore. I know of other ways to get them but that’s not the point. I have no legal way of getting shows that I like. I know they are thinking of having pay per download of shows and I’m all for that but it’s not comming fast enough! I would be happy to pay for downloading a tv show that I missed or can’t get in the states.Maybe a $1 for each episode or something. I don’t want to wait for the dvd to come out. Don’t need the extras just to see the show that I missed. I don’t have tivo and rarely watch TV. I like watching stuff on my time and not the networks time. Oh well I’ll just have to see what happens.

New Year

h1 Monday, January 17th, 2005

It’s the new year and what a year it is. With all the stuff happening in the world it’s going to be interesting. Some things are new in our research of outer space so I’m really excited. Some of my favorite shows will be comming up soon. Survivor and apprentice! Big Brother will be comming up in a couple of months. I try to watch them from the UK and Australia also. The other big brothers are hard to find and I wouldn’t be able to understand what is happening. This stuff always gets me excited!