FHF Update with a new podcast

March 20th, 2009

I wrote about Frosty, Heidi and Frank in my last post. They have a new podcast which comes out every monday called FHFU. It is uncensored and they do get a bit raunchy at times so beware of language. Frank needs to put up his microphone volume though because it’s hard to hear him sometimes. They are still funny and I wish I could hear them all the time. I really miss their shows. Their show is only 1 hour and I hope they can do more in the future.

Fm Talk Radio changes in Los Angeles

February 25th, 2009

Only thing I like about radio are the talk shows. Been a big fan of FM talk radio 97.1 and especially of Frosty, Heidi and Frank. Haven’t been listening to them on a regular schedule these past weeks but I download their podcasts every day. Was driving today when I found out the radio station changed to a music format. We don’t need another music station in Los Angeles.

Got home and started to search for news about this change and found some good posts about it: ben tao’s thoughts and mikenopolis with some good links. Such a sad day to find it out when I was driving hoping to have a good day laughing. Oh well.

Now I have to find another station to listen to or wait for the personalities I liked to find another place to talk. The only other station I liked was KFI but I find some stuff a bit too political. KABC is way too political for my taste too. I want a fun relaxing talk show to make me laugh. I remember when Phil Hendrie retired and now he’s back on radio stations again. So I’m hoping for the best but it really got me sad to find out about this. I’m glad I saved a lot of the podcasts so I can continue listen to their shows until they find a new home. Best wishes to them and all the fans.

What’s fun about a bad month?

May 2nd, 2007

I always like to see the fun side of things in life. Very rarely will I get offended by a joke made by someone. If I do find it offensive I would rather tell them and move on. In the last month there were plenty of events which were not fun at all. I’d like to address some and end with some fun stuff.

First the Virginia Tech massacre was just a total shock to me. I just have no words to describe how sad that event was. Some think gun control would stop this from happening in America. The problem is that the guns are already out there. People won’t be willing to give them up at any cost especially the criminals. I don’t have an answer to this problem in America. Some people will always think killing is the answer to their problem. Trying to help problem kids at the earliest age would be the best way in my opinion.

There was something very interesting that happened after this event, though. Some bloggers thought they found the killers blog and it started to get talked about throughout the internet. Guess what happened next? The professional TV and radio news people found about it and started to report it as fact. Perfect example why I don’t watch the news anymore! They don’t look for facts anymore. All they want is to be the first at the story for ratings. Now I have this guys blog bookmarked so I can read more about what he has to go through for his beliefs.

Then something else I just read that went in another direction which didn’t even cross my mind. This article about how violence against women have been dismissed throughout the news really made me take notice. In the beginning everyone thought this was just a domestic dispute and wasn’t important to anybody else on the campus. That should change. Violence against women is still violence and should not be tolerated in any circumstances. Now we find out the killer wasn’t even in a relationship with the woman he shot first. Would anything have changed if the school took the stalking reports more seriously? I don’t think it would change his mind. He probably would have done something like this sometime in the future. But it doesn’t mean we should look away from these issues! Maybe if we do address this issue more it will stop the next killer who thinks it’s ok to kill innocent people.

The IMUS thing got me on defensive because I like listening to radio a lot! I never really get offended by a comment someone says. I might find their language a bit rough if used excessively. IMUS deserved a warning or a stern talking to but a firing over something small compare to the other things he has said about other people? I am always for dialogue which will help more people than just trying to stop everything that’s offensive. Let’s find out why words can be offensive. I say boycott the killers, drug dealers and take back some of the gang controlled cities. That would make a HUGE difference rather than forcing a talk show host off the air.

But I must stop and get back to the fun side of life. Recently trying to get away from all the bad news I found a great site which makes me laugh, groan or just think what was that all about. The site funnyordie.com is a place to watch funny videos which are submitted and everyone can vote if it’s funny or not. Of course not everything that I think is funny will be funny to you. We are all different and that is what I love about life. Don’t be offended just move along and we will have a fun time with our lives.

I’m actually having fun playing a MMO game called “Lord of the rings Online” which has take a lot of my free time. It’s a fun game and really keeps me entertained for hours. I also have been playing Command and Conquer 3 which is a really good immersive game. I love the games with a story that makes me believe I am actually in the game. C&C3 is basically an updated C&C generals with better graphics and better equipment. The little videos before each campaign has been great especially with a great actor like Michael Ironside playing in it.

Knott’s Scary Farm Fun

October 26th, 2006

This is the best time of the year for me. October has always been a month I wait for. I have always loved scary movies ever since I was around 10. I remember watching the movies on Select TV late at night. Covering my eyes when it got too scary or to explicit. My grandmother and mom used to love watching the movies too so it was totally natural to watch them.

One thing I do in October is go to a local theme park called, Knott’s Berry Farm. During the Halloween season they change their name to Knott’s Scary Farm and decorate the park and rides with cobwebs and spooky stuff. At night they will close the park to regular guests and prepare the park for Halloween. About 7pm to 1am the park is opened to the guests who want to get scared. They have people dressed up in costumes trying to scare people in the park all night. Their are also plenty of spooky mazes in the park where you can walk through looking at gory scenes or monsters walking around with you.

This year was a lot more crowded then previous years. I usually go on Sundays because it’s not as crowded but this time they had a premiere event for the movie “Grudge 2.” They also had a Grudge 2 maze that was closed almost all night so we couldn’t go through it. I hear it’s a good maze. Maybe next year they will have it again so I can see it. We only missed two mazes this time. I rarely get scared when going to this event because I always prepare for someone around the corner. I love watching other people getting scared though.

I hear the best time to go is during the weekdays instead of the weekend. The crowds are less because most of the teens have to go to school the next day. Don’t go on a Columbus weekend because there are schools that have Monday off still. I also must tell you to go the prescare dinner before the park opens because you get a buffet of the best fried chicken and get into the park 30 minutes before everyone else! Sometimes they won’t let you in on time or they let everyone in at the same time but usually the prescare dinner is a lot better!

If you’re interested in this halloween event or others like it you should check out Theme Park Adventure! I also wrote about some things they have in Second life at the VTOR blog I write for also.

Future Search Engine?

October 23rd, 2006

I found a new search engine that uses an interesting idea. When you first go to the website, msdewey.com, you are greeted by a woman avatar. When you search for terms she will say different things according to what you search for. Janina Gavankar is the model who plays the avatar and really makes this project unique and sexy! The search results come from microsoft live and it seems like it’s a test from microsoft to have some fun. This site isn’t very useful but it shows what can be done in the future. I still search with google. If you want to see some of the funnier stuff that this avatar will do then type in the following for your search terms

[Updated 10/26/06]:

halo 2
Janina Gavankar
how to fight a ninja
what is your name
how to do the robot
george bush
How old are you
dick cheney
what are you